[Thursday, April 14, 2016]

Germany’s Defeated Sanity return to the fold, with their new full length experimental release “Disposal Of The Dead/Dharmata”. Defying convention, the album is comprised of 2 separate eps, and is essentially a split release with themselves.‘Disposal Of The Dead’ is Defeated Sanity in their most primal form. A caveman-esque display of audio barbarity, that is stripped down, raw, and unrelenting. Whereas, ‘Dharmata’ is an homage to old school progressive death metal; recruiting vocalist Max Phelps (Exist, Cynic, Death To All), and venturing into more avant garde territory. "With this new release, we present Defeated Sanity in an unusual, unexpected way. See it as a irregularity in our discography. Enjoy listening to us playing outside of our known style!” comments bass player Jacob Schmidt. “Suttee” off ‘Disposal Of The Dead’ can be streamed here: Disposal Of The Dead/Dharmata will be available everywhere July 22, 2016 via Willowtip on CD, double LP, and digital. Full track listing: Side A (Disposal Of The Dead) Remotio Mortuorum Into The Soil Consuming Grief Generosity Of The Deceased Suttee The Bell Side B (Dharmata) Dharmata The Mesmerizing Light At One With Wrath The Quest For Non-Existence Return To Samsara