Beyond Terror Beyond Grace


After playing more than 55 shows over 15 countries in the last year, hitting venues of all sizes across Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States with some of the biggest names in extreme metal, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace is set to release its career-defining album – ‘Nadir’. Recorded at Three Phase Studios in Melbourne, Australia over only two weeks in May 2011, the release captures a band completely in their natural element, defying genre categorisation and ignoring all musical trends.

Heavy international touring in the months preceding the release has given the album an identity and confidence that only comes from performing everywhere possible – from Perth to Bilbao, Dublin to Austin, London to Chicago, Bologna to Tampa, and countless places in-between. The end result is the bands most ambitious, atmospheric and realised effort yet.

Cold, climactic and expansive, ‘Nadir’ is a consuming experience of monolithic bleakness and dense majesty.