Founded in 2005 in the swamplands of South Florida, MARUTA have been blurring the line between grindcore and technical death metal since their inception. Approaching their music with a present lyrical bent and a meticulous approach to songwriting, the band has always flown somewhat under the radar considering the quality of their recordings and performances. MARUTA’s two full-­lengths, 2008’s In Narcosis and 2011’s Forward Into Regression (Willowtip Records), were both well-­received and widely praised by publications such as Blabbermouth, MetalSucks, and Decibel, with Forward Into Regression even garnering a 9/10 score in the latter’s magazine. To the dismay of many fans, MARUTA broke up in 2011 following a slew of lineup changes, but they didn’t stay silent for long. In 2013, the band reformed with a new roster and signed to Relapse Records, the perfect fit for their maniacal brand of forward­-thinking deathgrind. The signing finally garnered MARUTA the attention they had so long deserved, and the following years saw the band appear at multiple festivals including the inaugural Southern Darkness Fest in Florida (2014) and Obscene Extreme Fest in the Czech Republic (2015). The band’s 2015 Relapse debut Remain Dystopian sees MARUTA reassuming their upward trajectory of extreme music innovation, pairing their ever­more savage compositions with an increasingly nihilistic worldview. With Remain Dystopian, MARUTA have finally gained recognition in the larger metal world, receiving positive coverage from a wide array of publications including Terrorizer, which called the album “the work of a well-­oiled machine” in its 8/10 review. The modern world may be falling to pieces, but if it inspires MARUTA to make music this good, it’s okay if it stays that way forever.