Residing in Tasmania, Psycroptic formed in 1999 and immediately set out to create their own style of darkened death metal. Consisting of originally of Cameron Grant (bass), Joe Haley (guitars), Matthew Chalk (vocals) and David Haley (drums), the four came together after the bands they had played in disbanded. After performing numerous shows to gain live experience, Psycroptic entered the Hobart studio Red Planet Recordings in October 2000 to record their debut self financed CD The Isle of Disenchantment. Released in January 2001, The Isle of Disenchantment received an overwhelming response from the metal underground which helped spread the Psycroptic name all around the world.

Supporting the release, Psycroptic played quite a few shows interstate, including playing at Australia's premier metal event, Metal For The Brain, as well as at the High Voltage festival and as headliner of the Melbourne Metal Website launch. Despite living in such a remote location, Psycroptic still managed to distribute about 3,000 copies of "The isle of disenchantment" around the globe, as well as appearing on several compilation CDs and conducting over 60 interviews - for print and broadcast media. A cassette version of the album was also licensed to Aarack Records for the Indonesian territory. With so many other bands in today's scene, this is quite an achievement for an unsigned band living in one of the most isolated parts of the world.

2002 saw Psycroptic hard at work completing material for their follow up release "The scepter of the ancients". Several gigs were played during the first half of the year, however the decision was made to not play live until the album had been finished. The recording took place periodically from September through to December 2002, with mixing undertaken in January. The album is a further progression for the band, showcasing their own unique approach on dark and extreme metal. Entirely self financed, the album shows Psycroptic's dedication and belief in their music. After hearing the album, US based label Unique Leader offered Psycroptic a deal, which was quickly accepted. Unique Leader Records are currently one of the highest quality death metal labels in the World, and Psycroptic are honoured to be on the label. Soon after the "The scepter of the Ancients" was released, Psycroptic toured Australia as national support for US death metallers Incantation, receiving a great response. Dave played drums for several Incantation songs at Bloodlust Festival (along with Gryphon from Astriaal), after Incantation drummer Kyle Severn was injured in a car accident during the tour.

Psycroptic supported Deeds of Flesh on their Australian tour in July 2004, and were then offered a 25 date European tour with death metal legions Dismember in November. Sadly, for some reason Matthew chose not to participate on this tour which left Psycroptic to look for a vocalist to fill in. Jason Peppiatt stepped up and proved he was a talented and dedicated musician.

After the European tour, several shows were played with Matthew returning on vocals. However, ongoing disharmony and tensions resulted in the rest of the band asking Matthew to leave in March 2005. In April 2005, Jason was asked to join Psycroptic. Jason beyond proved himself as a vocalist to enthusiastic Australian audiences when the band toured with Hate Eternal on their June Australian tour. Recording begain for the follow up to "Scepter..." in July and was completed in Novemeber, after periodic recording sessions at Red Planet studios and Joebiwan studios. One show with Nile was played supporting them on their Australian tour.

2006 was started off seeing the band play several shows with Behemoth in Australia. The new album "Symbols of Failure" was released on Feb 13 (Feb 27 in Australia) - an overwhelming response has since followed. An extensive Australian tour followed by European tours with Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm and Nile has helped push Psycroptic to their highest level thus far. In January 2007 Psycroptic returned to Europe once more to support Deicide on a full European tour. More international touring is scheduled for 2007 including the first ever North American tour!