Squash Bowels


Squash Bowels is goregrind band who was born exactly in April ‘94 in Bia?ystok, Poland with the line-up: Mariosh (vocals), Paluch (bass), Lechu (guitars). After three months of playing, they recorded our first release “Fürgott”. After that they have participated in many split albums with great names such as Disgorge (Mexico) and Cock And Ball Torture and have also released 4 full-length albums.
The last full length release of polish SQUASH BOWELS as well as upcoming split with NEUROPATHIA shows that inspired by old school grindcore style you can still add some variety and incerdible power to created music. After many releases over 14 years of existing on the underground scene, and similiar amount of lineup changes SQUASH BOWELS is still in the first league of european grindcore, touring in almost every country of ‘old continent’, joining most important grind festivals every year, sharing stages with bands like Vital Remains, Dead Infection, Sinister, Monstrosity,Waco Jesus, Regurgitate, Devourment and many more.
Love Songs CD/LP (LifeStage prod. - new label of Arthur (bass player of SB) / Apathic View prod.) released year ago hit us with 15 tracks of destroying, moshing and furious energy that comes from that polish fourpiece. Sometimes twisted and ultra fast, sometimes straight and aggresive to the point music with great energy on stage makes them wanted band on european stages. Recorded in polish famous Hertz Studio album deliver a massive, dirty and brutal sound which become recognizing mark for this band.
SQUASH BOWELS are hard working guys, so be prepared for another massive attack of their music – with new album you can expect more Grind Core influences than ever, more old school ideas, but with the same hard knockin’,technically highclass, uncompromising rough style. All band members have a lot of musical expirience, also beeing in the past/current members of killer, heavy like german tank bands as Damnable or Exit Wounds.
With finally stable lineup and fresh ideas SQUASH BOWELS will hit your town, your favourite venue and your ears till they start bleedin’. Massive european touring is behind (incl. tours with Genocide SS, Ingrowing, Torsofuck, Cerebral Turbulency, Neuropathia, Afgrund, Needfull Things, Parricide, Abortion), but definitely more to come! Don’t miss it or you’ll regret it forever !
still working on songs for the next full length album. The album will be recorded and mixed in the end of April 2009 in Hertz Studio (Bialystok).
Actual line up is: Andy - guitar, Arthur - bass, vocals and Marius - drums.