Originally a concept of Jamie Saint Merat and Michael Hoggard, together with the addition of vocalist Mark Seeney in late 2000, the foundation of Ulcerate was formed. Then under the moniker 'Bloodwreath', this line-up remained intact for all of 2001 whilst the band struggled to find a 'sound' both stylistically and compositionally.

Early 2002 brought a line-up change with the enlisting of guitarist Jared Commerer, and James Wallace to fill the now vacant vocal position - Mark having left to pursue his drumming. This new line-up brought a new level of focus to the band and work quickly began in constructing material that would later become the four tracks of the band's first recording effort. It was with this release that the decision was made for a clean slate beginning and so came the demise of Bloodwreath, and the subsequent rise of Ulcerate.

While it was fairly removed from Ulcerate's current sound and direction, this S/T 2003 demo proved to be a solid platform from which the band could evolve. It also helped garner a wider local appreciation with people beginning to recognise the style and songs. As it stands the tracks 'Subversive Supremacy' and 'Smash the Deceitful' are still popular regular inclusions in the current live set.

Throughout 2003 the band continued to build from the success off the S/T demo and by late November tracking was already underway for 'The Coming Of Genocide' EP. During this recording process Jared Commerer decided he wished to focus on his jazz bass playing and so chose to leave Ulcerate. Michael Rothwell joined soon after filling the void on second guitar left by the departure of Jared. Also at this time Ulcerate's first permanent bassist was enlisted in the form of Phil Kusabs.

For the second time in as many years local support for the band built rapidly off the back of a release - this time with 'The Coming Of Genocide'.

While 2004 proved to be a highly successful year with a solid line-up, by mid 2005 the decision was made to further refine the Ulcerate 'sound', and the band opted to move to a cleaner finger style bass approach, adding an extra dimension to the sound. Thus Paul Kelland was recruited with the departure of Phil Kusabs.

Early 2006 vocalist James Wallace departed, with Ben Read (ex-Kill Me Quickly, Misadventures in Self Surgery) filling his vacancy bringing an entirely different sound and a formidable set of lungs to the band on the eve of completing their debut full-length for Italy's The Spew records. The 2004 demo 'The Coming of Genocide' was also rereleased on The Flood Records, with 2003's self-titled demo included as bonus tracks and an interactive CD-ROM component.

In April 2006 Ulcerate signed with Dutch extreme metal label Neurotic Records, whose roster includes such notable acts as Spawn of Possession, Psycroptic, Visceral Bleeding and Panzerchrist among others. Their debut full-length 'Of Fracture and Failure', released at the end of 2006 this album is gaining more than proper recognition. Touring options will be sorted out for 2007.