WORMED was born at 1998, in the beginning, the first line-up was : J.Oliver (guitar), Dani (guitar), Guillemoth (bass) Andy C. (drums). After a few months the band contact with Phlegeton the official vocalist of WORMED. Phlegeton gives fresh air to the band transforming the band concept from the classical gore to another concept, based in the outer space far from imagination. The music turned into an atypical Brutal Death full of diverse influences.

In December of 1999, the first MCD demo was recorded "Floating Cadaver in the Monochrome", with the collaboration of Tana (Avulsed) as Sound Enginner. This MCD had a great welcome in the underground scene, selling more than 1500 copies all over the world. There are actually 3 different editions of the MCD, with different CD layer design.

In 2001, the band returns to the studio to record a Promo-CD "Voxel Mitosis", including a single song, because the lack of resources. Despite this, the sound is more professional than the MCD. After the recording the promo-CD, Dani leaves WORMED, because the lack of compromise with the band. WORMED becomes a 4 members band being: Phlegeton (vocals) , J. Oliver (guitar), Guillemoth (bass) and Andy C. (drums). The band gets international recognition playing in some festivals and concerts worldwide, giving the band a name in the local and international scene, with a great response of the underground audience.

In 2003, the band release through Macabre Mementos Recs. (Japan) the first full album "Planisphaerium", including a 7 tracks, recorded in VST Studios from Madrid.

In December of 2003 J.Oliver leaves the band, so WORMED begins to look for a replacement to J. Oliver, they found Charly, guitar player from WORMINEYE, a Death Metal band from Valencia.

In 2004-2006 The band plays in a lot of international death metal festivals in USA, Japan, Germany, Holland; and they make a Japan tour with Goratory (Usa) and Vomit Remnants (Jap), later they make another tour with Malignancy (Usa) and Despondency (Ger) around Europe.

In 2007 The master of chaotic riffing J.Oliver returns to the band.

In 2008 Migueloud from Human Mincer and Body on Sections joins Wormed because Charly returns to Valencia. And they kick Andy C. due the lack of compromise and interest in the band.

In 2009 After many difficulties and setbacks, parallel bands and other projects, the band began to write again. For the time being, Phlegeton start to play drums in the studio while they search for a live drummer. Wormed start again to do rehearsals and writing new WORMED stuff.

In 2010 A new single is released through Pathologically Explicit Recordings from Spain. "Quasineutrality" with 2 tracks, the dimensional link to the upcoming second album.

Considering the possibility of start playing live again, we decided to recruit a new cosmonaut to continue exploring the brutality into the vast cosmos... two months testing and excruciating the new drummer, fuck yeah! We are very proud to announce we have a new official drummer; Riky (from Madrid’s deathmetallers Avulsed) he has the perfect combination between hyper twisted, technical skills and amazing blast beats, the perfect mix. Working with Riky is incredibly comfortable, he is doing an extreme effort and matches perfectly with the WORMED’s personal sound.

Future 2011 shows will be announced, but we are writing new pieces for the next travel right now!