[Wednesday, August 01, 2007]

As Eden Burns is currently in search of replacement for departing drummer, Taylor Steinberg. Here's the official word from the band:

"Taylor has left the group to pursue his college career full time. In a result we're currently looking for a full-time battle warrior to carry on with us. We will be entering the studio this year where Taylor will resume drummer for the week and take care of his final obligations to the band to record the drums for our Willowtip release. After that a string of touring and back in to write and record the next one. If you're interested in drumming for us, please email us here.

- Drummer must be at least 18 and ready to tour.
- If by chance outside the Houston area, willing to relocate to Houston is an obvious must.
- Make practice twice a week.
- Reliable, (we're not looking for quitters, or flakes)
- Good equipment.
- Please learn a song to play with us before coming out."