[Tuesday, June 20, 2006]

CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN have issued the following update:

"Mike Bartek [drums] is no longer a part of CODC and for the indefinite time being we are forced into hiatus. We apologize to the promoters and bands we have had shows booked with as well as the fans, as we were about 3/4 of the way through the next full-length release. There was absolutely no way around this.

"Mikehad a list of 'qualities' that would have had him tossed from most bands, but friendship was what mostly kept him with us. This time he crossed way over the line and defecated on any concepts of friendship and respect possible and stooped lower than we thought even he would ever go.

So he is gone and an ugly part of the CIRCLE's past and, for anyone who has followed CODC through the years, we are once again in the situation of finding a new member. Joe, Jason and Drew have decided to continue on and feel that ultimately, Mike's departure will be a huge blessing in disguise for CODC. After three drummers, three bass players and three guitarists, the machine will hopefully continue on. Plenty of skulls still need crushed.

"We will begin tryouts for a new drummer asap. If interested, please contact CODC at We are located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area."