[Thursday, August 25, 2005]

Hey guys. This information comes straight from Crowpath's official website

At last!! Our recording session for our second album "Son of sulphur", is now completed. 10 days of sweat, broken microphones, headache and broken eardrums is over. The recording session was done with producer Andy Andersson in Berno studios (where bands like the Haunted, Amon amaranth, Insision among others have recorded their albums) in our hometown Malmö in the south of Sweden. The new recording is moore dynamic, both production wise and song wise than previous recordings. And we are sure that people will rise an eyebrow or two cuz some stuff that you´ll hear on "Son of sulphur" is quite different from earlier material. The album is something like 33 minutes and 12 songs long and the titles are: The will to burn, Children of boredom, Scab coated attraction, The lycanthrope, Seed of arson, Self destructive pessimist, Candles and kerosene, End in water, Pigeonsmasher, Chased, caught and charged, Picked clean and Lights out, left for dead
The artwork is done by Juha Vourma, the guy who done stuff for Usurper, Autopsy and lots of other metal bands. Mastering duties will be done by Scott Hull at Visceral sounds. Release dates for our little baby is, 22 of November in the US through Willowtip records. European boys and girls have to wait until early 2006 on the Earache release. And don´t forget to check out the videoclip we´ve done for the track "Protected by judas" from the "Red on chrome" album. Ceck it out on That´s all for now.