[Wednesday, March 15, 2017]

Experimental death metal juggernauts GIGAN are set to enter Big Bad Sound studios this April with engineer Sanford Parker. Below is a statement from founding member and guitarist, Eric Hersemann: "Greetings, from the GIGAN Universe! Well, it's finally time! GIGAN is currently rehearsing; in Southern California, for the upcoming recording of the newest GIGAN album!!! GIGAN will enter Big Bad Sound studios; located in Los Angeles CA, in April!!! This will be GIGAN's fourth full length album and it will be released late this year, by our good friends at Willowtip Records! Sanford Parker will again be engineering and the tunes will once again be wonderfully and colorfully warped, extreme and beautiful!!! Due to some boring contract stuff, it took longer than usual to get back in the studio but all has been sorted out and now the gates to the GIGAN Universe will be opened again! As usual, the future is bright with lots of exciting things on the way! Album title, art, songs, merch and tours will all be announced periodically through the rest of the Spring/Summer, so stay tuned!!! ...and as always; dear friends and allies, THRASH IN SPACE!!!" Gigan’s new as of yet titled new album will surface later this year via Willowtip.