[Thursday, May 10, 2007]

From Harakiri's MySpace:

First of all, many thanks to all of the people who submitted for the harakiri vocalist position. We received some good submissions, and we really want to thank those who took the time for this. This was a very hard thing for us to do, and a tough decision to make. We love Matt as a friend and a vocalist, but we had to move on as 'kiri is still in our blood. We weren't looking for a weak imitation of Matt or someone trying to clone him otherwise. We were looking for someone with strong vocals, a viscious attack, and the ability to write interesting and intelligent lyrics. In our opinion the new guy would have some big shoes to fill. At this time, We'd like to announce Aaron Davis as the new member of Harakiri. His vocals, lyrics, confidence, and enthusiasm grabbed our attention from the beginning. I know its hard to add a new member to any band, especially a vocalist position, but we are confident he is more than capable of the job. Now hopefully he can put up with our shit. Please welcome Aaron to the band!

We are still writing for the new album. progress has been steady and as soon as we hash out these last ideas we'll be hitting the studio.

Oh, and guess what??? We're playing shows again. We are on Dudefest here in indy on July 28th (i think?maybe 27th? i gotta check). We will also have some other show announcemeents soon. Please get in touch for booking us. Not sure how many shows we will accept right now due to writing/recording so don't be offended if we say no, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Thanks so much for your patience. probably post a basement demo song sometime in the near future.

chris and 'kiri