[Monday, January 22, 2007]

HARAKIRI has parted ways with vocalist, Matt Reese. Guitarist Chris Morrison has issued the following statement:

"It's a sad day for Harakiri... founding member/vocalist, Matt Reese, has left Harakiri after 10 years. He's left on good terms, and we're all still great friends and always will be. We're really bummed though, because not only is he a dear friend, Matt is one of death metal's best lyricists and vocalists. He never took an easy approach to writing by telling tales of gore or other things commonly associated with death metal. His vocal delivery and lyrical wit was perfect for what Harakiri is all about. We are honored that he recorded two albums, a CDep, and a few demos with us. As far as Harakiri's future... the four of us will to continue on. We have the music for approximately 8 songs completed for our new full-length album. We plan to finish writing, secure a new vocalist, record the album, and get back to playing a few shows. So, we are looking for a new vocalist/lyricist... we are not your typical death metal band; therefore, we are not looking for a typical death metal vocalist/lyricist. Candidates must be at least 21, preferably at least a bit older. One must be able to show us some samples of lyrical writing style. One must be able to be in Indianapolis for practice up to a few times a month. Other things we're looking for can be discussed later. If interested, email us here."