[Wednesday, August 29, 2007]

IMPALED, purveyors of backwards-thinking medicine, have put their John Hancock on a contract with Willowtip Records, purveyors of forward-thinking metal. Following Willowtip's recent deal for European distribution, the new Impaled record will be made available in the Old World via Candlelight Records.

After touring worldwide to support their previous album on Century Media Records, "Death After Life," Impaled have been hard at work writing and recording a follow up record. The deal with Willowtip comes at a fortuitous juncture, just in time for the album to be released during Impaled's tenth year anniversary as a band.

"I'd like to say the new record is sicker and more brutal than the last, but I can't. Fact is, it goes beyond that. The new record is way way sickerer and way way way way way more brutaller," said bassist Ross Sewage on the subject of Impaled's latest recording.

Regarding the new deal with Willowtip Records, Sewage stated, "Impaled is looking forward to working with the Willowtip empire. We will murder our enemies, burn their crops, loot their stores, stampede their women and rape their cattle."

Jason Tipton, president and C.E.O. of Willowtip, Inc., has added, "We are honored to be working with the goretet known as Impaled and are thrilled to celebrate their 10th anniversary. We urge everyone in kingdoms worldwide not to purchase the traditional gifts of tin or aluminum for this 10th anniversary celebration, but instead to purchase the new album from Impaled, which will be in stores throughout Europe November 5th and in North America November 6th."

The new album from Impaled, entitled "The Last Gasp," will be their fourth full-length recording.