[Friday, August 16, 2013]

Tasmanian technical death metal artisans MEPHISTOPHELES will unleash their second full-length, and first for genre-bending, extreme metal imprint Willowtip Records, this Fall. Titled Sounds Of The End, the vicious, ten-track offering was recorded at Red Planet Studio with Jake Long, and boasts some of the band’s most devouringly complex, intricately arranged and plainly engaging compositions to date. Sounds Of The End includes cover art by Bill Dean (Psycroptic, Iciclan, Excarnated) and a layout provided by Cock And Ball Torture drummer Sascha Pahkle.

Comments Matthew “Chalky” Chalk of the outcome: “I’ve never been happier in any of my bands over the years than I have been in MEPHISTOPHELES. What we’ve put together is the freshest, most alive, most invigorating music I’ve ever been a part of and I cannot wait to show the world that Mephistopheles are here, we’ve got something new to say and we mean business!”

Sounds Of The End Track Listing:
1. Pariahs of the Universe
2. Silver Doors
3. Soldiers of the Endtime
4. The End of All Light
5. Battle of the Sea and Sky
6. Those Whose Skin Was Gold
7. The Great Orbs Beyond Our Skies
8. Generation O
9. A Dolmen Maker’s Lament
10. The Siren of Eternity

Featuring former members of Spawn of Possession, Psycroptic and Space Raven among others, MEPHISTOPHELES is a four-piece technical metal band from Hobart, Tasmania drawing inspiration from the likes of bands like Athiest, Deeds of Flesh, Opeth, Cynic, Deicide etc. Originally formed by four high school friends in 2004, MEPHISTOPHELES has always been focused on the creation of memorable but challenging music, infusing black and death metal with occasional jazz moments. The band has continually thrived on fashioning fresh sounds that purposely step well beyond conventional genre structures, but have also maintained a firm footing within traditional death metal realms.

Sounds Of The End will be released in North America via Willowtip Records October 1, 2013. Preorder details and live assaults to be announced soon.

Matthew “Chalky” Chalk – Vocals
Ben Lawless – Guitar/occasional Vocals
James “Blower” Excell – Bass
Sam Dowson – Drums