[Monday, January 13, 2014]

Finally!  It's been over 20 years since their last album and L.A.'s NAUSEA are back with a full-length of no frills grindcore madness!  Available now in our webstore!

"There's no post-anything here, just 30 minutes of non-stop grinding fury. The whole album sounds like it was transported straight from 1989 to your speakers." Metal Injection

"Condemned to the System is a straight-grindcore punch to the stomach. Brutal and raw, Condemned has everything you need and want from a grind album: short songs, blasts and D-beats, guttural yells and shouts courtesy of Oscar Garcia and some killer, catchy as fuck riffs." Axis Of Metal

"These guys haven’t pulled a punch yet, and they certainly don’t on this 11-track, 29-minute record that could help you fall in love with classic grindcore all over again." Meat Mead Metal