[Tuesday, June 30, 2015]

We are excited to announce that we will be putting out the next Ingurgitating Oblivion album sometime in 2016! The following message comes directly from the band: In 2016, Ingurgitating Oblivion are going to reveal their third observation, which is glad tiding. Florian is the sole remaining original band member in IO and is granted the great pleasure of working together with this bunch of fantastic fellow musicians as well as good friends: Lille Gruber (Defeated Sanity) on session drums Paul Wielan (formerly on drums in Triopus) on session drums arrrd(XUL) (formerly on bass in Neithan) on bass/vocals/synths Jan Ferdinand (formerly on guitars/bass in Gaston) on session solo guitars Maren Poelman on vibraphone Florian himself is responsible for all the rhythm and lead guitar works as well as vocals on the 2016 release. IO's voyage is still bound for progressive, intricate, profound as well as multi-layered shores. The new material will include unexpected elements and we will further dwell on our passion for progressive composition. Also, it goes without saying that the 2016 release will represent an even more mature and refined level of musical literacy which is due to the laid-back atmosphere in which we currently record the new material, but also owing to the sublime personnel involved in IO at the moment.