[Wednesday, November 17, 2010]

Ulcerate have finished recording their new album titled The Destroyers of All. The Destroyers of All is the New Zealand based bands’ 3rd full length and it will be released via Willowtip on Jan 25th 2011. Ambitious, oppressive and expansive, with a strict adherence to the tradition of total bleakness the band is becoming known for, The Destroyers of All presents the most atmospheric and challenging listen from the band to date.

"The Destroyers of All" tracklist includes:

I. Burning Skies
II. Dead Oceans
III. Cold Becoming
IV. Beneath
V. The Hollow Idols
VI. Omens
VII. The Destroyers of All

The Destroyers of All is the band’s second full length on Willowtip and the follow up to 2009’s Everything is Fire which garnered the band massive praise from both press and fans worldwide and was also named one of the decades best albums by