[Friday, March 18, 2016]

Denver, Co technical death metal quintet VALE OF PNATH have completed their 2nd full length sonic offering entitled ‘II’. Tracked at Flatline audio by engineer Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, Allegaeon), “II” is a perfect amalgamation of complex riff writing, calculated chaos, and Lovecraftian worship. This is Vale of Pnath fully leveled up, and pushing themselves to new boundaries of tech death precision. "We're extremely excited to release our 2nd album "II". Its been 4 years since the release of The Prodigal Empire, and we have progressed exponentially with this bands sound. We believe it is only the beginning to something great. This is our most dynamic, technical and mature material to date, that's certain to turn heads.” comments guitar player Vance Valenzuela “II” is set to surface June 10th via Willowtip records. You can listen to a new track entitled “Klendathu” here. “II” full tracklist Blacker Than A Nightmare Phantasm Klendathu The Horror in Clay Reaver Heart Of Darkness The Serpent’s Lair Unburied Vale of Pnath on Facebook: