the age of dumb

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Coming off the success of their 2009 album Vid Helvetets Grindar, AFGRUND return with their scorching new album The Age Of Dumb.  Afgrund make an explosive mix of d-beat, punk, and grindcore that is on par with genre heavyweights Rotten Sound, Nasum, and Napalm Death. 

Afgrund - The Age Of Dumb
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Track List

1. Life And Death Of A Broiler MP3
2. Living The Nightmare MP3
3. The Might Of A Nation
4. H.A.A.R.P.Y.
5. Beaurocrap
6. Carniwars
7. Genocide To Glorify
8. Repaint The Truth
9. An Aggregation Of Misfortune
10. Discorporate
11. The War On Drugs
12. Planet Monsanto
13. Le Grand Illusion
14. Nuclear Hazzard
15. Life Banned
16. Bullets Are Forever
17. He Who Plants Sorrow
18. The Carrier