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Outshining the countless bands desperately attempting to out-Dillinger each other, Capharnaum (featuring members of Martyr, Monstrosity, and Trivium) delivers Fractured, a technical death metal tour de force that showcases kaleidoscopic guitar heroics and whirling wildcat rhythms filtered through a focused songwriting technique so potently memorable it'll cure Alzheimer's. Fractured --- 30 minutes of fingers scurrying like startled cockroaches under florescent lights in an invaded meth lab. A new classic in technical/progressive death metal has arrived.

Capharnaum - Fractured
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Track List

1. Ingrained MP3
2. Fractured MP3
3. Perpetuate Catatonia
4. Machines
5. Icon Of Malice
6. Reins Of Humanity
7. The Scourge Trial
8. Refusal