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“Hálios” represents the unborn luminous radiance, the all-pervading immutable light of the Universe, and our fundamental inherent nature. It is the thousand-rayed Sun, always in motion, but unchangeable, the axis mundi manifesting the sacred within our temporal world and serving as a bridge to the mythical time. The album sets forth on an eerie journey to this sacred dimension, reenacting the old stories inspired by the essence of the ancient Indo-European mythology, entwined in the obscure visions and dreams. credits releases July 19, 2024 N. — Vocals Viliam Pilarcík — Guitars, Bass, Vocals Matúš S. Durcík — Drums Lyrics & Commentary by Matúš S. Durcík Artwork & Design by Matúš S. Durcík Band Photo by Štefan Šimuni Recorded in 2023 at SPK Audio — Badín, Slovakia Engineered & Mixed by Miroslav Spevák Produced by Miroslav Spevák & Viliam Pilarcík Mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth,  the Thousand Caves Studio — Queens, NY Released by Willowtip Records in 2024

Ceremony Of Silence - Hálios
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