human larvae [earthly cleansing]

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quite simply one of the best deathgrind cd's to come out in year, critics and fans agree. just check out the reviews for this disc. catchy songwringting, amazing unreal drumming, songs that will punish you to no end. brand new second special edition pressing includes a full live show in mpg format playable on your PC. their debut full length.

Commit Suicide - Human Larvae [Earthly Cleansing]
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Track List

1. Ablation
2. Silence Beyond The Delicate MP3
3. Cyclic Vomiting
4. Black Falls
5. Through The Light
6. Automated Sheep Crutch
7. When Nothing Exists
8. Your Mind Dies MP3
9. Hollow
10. American Werewolf
11. Epiphany
12. Just Wanted To Look
13. Human Larvae