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Commit Suicide have absolutely reinvented themselves. While their debut album for Willowtip, Human Larvae [Earthly Cleansing] caused a huge stir in the metal community, was regarded as one of 2002's best releases, and was no slouch in terms of infectious songwriting and in maintaining infinite intensity, it is on 2004's Synthetics that they've truly transcended the often restrictive confines of the overpolluted "deathgrind" subgenre. Armed with jumping jackrabbit fretboard contractions, asymmetric percussion concussions, and deep-seeded vocal punctuations, Synthetics showcases a reborn Commit Suicide engaged in the most rigorous technical death metal workout around. This ain't no vintage Napalm Death or Terrorizer; Commit Suicide is lock and loaded into a songwriting regimen as fluid and clever as pioneering death metal acts Suffocation and Gorguts. Engineered in Rochester, NY by Doug White (Kalibas, Sulaco, Lethargy), Synthetics boasts a recording quality so pristine and rarely seen in todays world of overtriggered drums and vocal driven metal recordings. The instrumental skills aren't the only aspects of the band's sound that have been refined. In terms of arrangement ideas, the band is increasingly progressive, throwing in unexpected left turns and long-winded guitar passages that seamlessly interlace with drum patterns so erratic they'll make your wristwatch do backflips. This ain't no clip-on tie, folks. It comes down to this: if you're a fan of thinking man's death metal that pushes boundries and *don't* buy this record, you might has well take the advice of the band name.

Commit Suicide - Synthetics
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Track List

1. Earthly Cleansing
2. Last Of Life
3. Resonance MP3
4. Transient
5. Synthetics MP3
6. Bastard Creature/Harmonic Skepticism
7. Spore
8. Post Human Future
9. Eternal Elegy
10. Evolve