one with filth

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Crowpath is a complicated beast. Their A.D.D. style of playing somehow meshes perfectly, combining mile-a-minute shredding with hulking doom and heavy-ass riffs that slow things down a bit and clobber your dome into rubble. Completely original and one of the more creative bands in metal today, Crowpath’s One With Filth is one of the most twisted and intriguing albums of the year.


Ultimate Metal

Unbound Zine


Crowpath - One With Filth
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Track List

1. One With Filth MP3
2. Where Dolls Do Sin
3. Fondling The Grotesque
4. Plague Bearer MP3
5. I Gryningen
6. Cleansed In Chlorine
7. The Deed
8. The Hunt
9. Septic Monarch
10. In Pitch Black Piss
11. Retarded Angel