sharp blade sinks deep into dull minds

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Featuring former members of Anodyne and Kalibas, DEFEATIST is a 3-man grind outfit from New York City.  No gimmicks, no posing, no bullshit...DEFEATIST play straight up grindcore the way it was envisioned when Napalm Death and Repulsion started the whole scene way back when.  Short, fast, loud, and gritty.  This release combines all of the previous Defeatist vinyl/ep releases onto one cd for the first time. 


Invisible Oranges

Teeth Of The Divine

Metal Review

Grind And Punishment


Ultimate Metal

Defeatist - Sharp Blade Sinks Deep Into Dull Minds
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Track List

1. No one and nothing
2. Isolation tactics
3. Sorrowful ways
4. Terminal existence
5. White as scars
6. Lay like plague
7. End the suffering
8. Bloodless
9. Loathe
10. Therac-25
11. Snuffed
12. Stench of corpse
13. Maruta
14. Afflicted
15. Mouth of night
16. Feeling maimed
17. Body revolt
18. Nameless hell
19. Voice of treason
20. Inversion prophet