knives of ice

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Straight from the mean streets of New Jersey emerges a truly titanic force of unparalleled aggression and intricacy that began nearly 20 years ago. Featuring ex-members of legendary psycho-thrashers RIPPING CORPSE, DIM MAK delivers a twisted cyclone of warp-speed technical death metal with their third album and Willowtip debut, Knives of Ice. Armed and dangerous with John Longstreth (ANGELCORPSE, ORIGIN, SKINLESS) on drums, Knives of Ice sets a new standard for unrestrained musicianship that exposes the listener to a myriad of slithery Tetris-defeating rhythms, violent flurries of spitfire blast-beats, exotic, pyramid-melting leads, and infectious vocal lacerations. These elements combine to create an original, fluid songwriting style that actually means something and isn't afraid to flirt with some seriously skullcrushing slap-dash grooves. These men were the spearheads behind the scene that spawned HUMAN REMAINS, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, and BURNT BY THE SUN, and Knives of Ice proves to be more relevant and ambitious than ever.

Dim Mak - Knives Of Ice
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Track List

1. Knives Of Ice
2. Seeing Crows In Silver MP3
3. Great Worm Of Hell
4. Devil Finding Mirror
5. Incident At The Temple At Leng MP3
6. Notorious Vectors Of Disease
7. Weakener
8. Windowpane
9. Perpetuating Corpses
10. Monolith