the emergence of reptillian altars

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Named after the deadliest form of martial art, otherwise known as the “death point strike” & “poison hands” DIM MAK attack the listener with pinpoint precision and light-speed velocity. The Emergence of Reptilian Altars features DIM MAK’s trademark intricate multi-speed song structures played with high-velocity aggression. Features former members of Hate Eternal, Origin, The Red Chord, Ripping Corpse, and The Dying Light. This album features Joey Capizzi's Dim Mak debut on vocals.


Teufel's Tomb

Dim Mak - The Emergence Of Reptillian Altars
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Track List

1. Thrice Cursed
2. The Sounds of Carnage MP3
3. The Secret of the Tides of Blood
4. Between Immensity and Eternity
5. Through the Rivers of Pestilence
6. Fully Disassembled
7. The Emergence of Reptilian Altars
8. Kutulu