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Gretzky strives to marry the insectoid riffing of modern technical death metal with mutant starfish rhythms that swell and contract like reptilian break-dancing on a hijacked pirate cruise ship. Having no patience for a vocalist, these self-proclaimed titans of progressive instrumental thrash metal dedicate themselves to the exploration and deconstruction of harmonious, romantic melody, slippery squid stringwork, and swashbuckling grooves. Inspired by the sprawling rhythmic tension of early Metallica and the nimble-witted punchline hijinx of Lethargy and Ripping Corpse, Gr etzky embodies the sound of three riff assassins embarking on an intergalactic adventure showered with bacon sizzling blastbeats, latin hulahoop shake-downs, and a seemingly never-ending supply of supersonic titanium chestnut rhythms. A total lunar eclipse of snake-charming riffs from the planet's mightiest triple-axe quartet.

Electro Quarterstaff - Gretzky
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Track List

1. Neckwrecker MP3
2. Twisted Squid
3. Charmony
4. The Right To Arm Bears
5. Get Sick
6. Titanium Overlords MP3
7. Eyepatch Romance
8. Something's Awry In The Hetfield Of Dreams