suffocate the angels

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this release is a discography of sorts and contains all the material written by their old guitarist. Includes the split 7"s with Drogheda and Creation is Crucifixion and 4 unreleased tracks. In addition to this there are 3 newly recorded tracks that are were written but left unrecorded. Joe Horvath (codc) appears as a guest second vocalist on these 3 songs.

Fate Of Icarus - Suffocate The Angels
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Track List

1. Preying For Salvation
2. The Broken Wings Of An Infidel MP3
3. In Human Structure
4. Cradle
5. A Scent Of Chloe
6. Tired And Naked
7. Fuck You
8. Stillborn
9. Remnants
10. Noise
11. A Strain Of Rats