twilight of the idols

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God damn… Willowtip is just digging out all of the good death metal bands lately. It's no wonder a lot of other labels are mostly releasing total shit. This one's a real winner across the board. The music is fucking complete and total death metal just how it should be done: A sense of contemporary flare with old school roots, great changes (and tons of 'em), just the right amount of technicality, a wide range of tempos, solid musicianship and songwriting, and so on. And all of this compressed into songs that almost never stretch past the three-minute mark. The vocals are incredibly forceful low growls with some slightly higher screams on occasion. And if you want to talk contrast, take the fucking stellar "Hungry American" - one minute sounding not unlike early Deicide at their best, the next dropping a slick acoustic melody, then breaking into some chugging rhythms with fucked up time signatures and nice dual guitar interaction. Also evident on occasion are brief yet blazing solos, light instances of perfect dissonance, or carefully tucked away melodies. Fucking great stuff. The recording is awesome. I don't have any real complaints. The drums sound great and highlight a tight performance, the guitar tone is loud and heavy, but not messy, the bass tone is well defined and adds great low-end density, and the vocals are perfectly placed right at the heart of it. There are a few breaks where the bass takes control and it sounds fucking amazing, so I'd definitely like to hear the basslines take hold a little bit more, but it's not a big deal. This sounds better than most any death metal release that's come out on far larger labels lately. Also far above average are the lyrics, which encompass an intelligence almost unheard of within such genres. "The shirt of the nation is still stained with the gravy. A whole generation now knows no fear for life or prosperity. Awaiting a time, awaiting a chance to put their ass on the line. The loyal and vicious gather arms and begin to shine. Hunger pain in the homes of average men hails the twilight of altruism's orgies once again. Inspiration comes when looking out for number one…" The layout uses a minimal color scheme of browns with tons of metallic gold ink printed above. It can make the lyrics hard to read at certain angles, but it's worth it in the end because it looks slick. This is another one of the best death metal records I've heard in years, and it's the second of which coming compliments of Willowtip. Highly recommended. 9/10

Harakiri - Twilight Of The Idols
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Track List

1. You Too Can Have Your Own Cranklab MP3
2. Ripe For Destruction
3. Ad Infinitum
4. Hungry American
5. Blest Be The Retarded
6. On Being Succinct
7. Another Tool In The Shed
8. Numeric Brandings
9. Nine
10. Necessary Deviations MP3