from our cold dead hands

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After a slew of releases on the legendary 625 Thrash Records and critical praise worldwide, Sweden's INFANTICIDE return with a truly tremendous grindcore release.
From Our Cold, Dead Hands is a brilliant old school grindcore album in the vein of classic Napalm Death, Nasum, Assuck, and Terrorizer. This is an album that embodies everything that is loved about the genre: extreme passion, politically and socially charged lyrics, and fast,
catchy, crushing grind.


Chainsaw Justice

Grind and Punishment

Teeth Of The Divine

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Infanticide - From Our Cold Dead Hands
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Track List

1. Domestic Warfare
2. Inside The Box
3. Millitant Resentment
4. Change! MP3
5. Lifeless MP3
6. Illusion Of Purpose MP3
7. Puzzles Of The Flesh
8. A Worse Today
9. Tvärvägra
10. Shock And Awe
11. Shitfaced And Armed To The Teeth
12. Crisis Point
13. Within Inches
14. #(&%# €7
15. Demerol Deity
16. Dödligt Självförsvar
17. Under Dumhet Digna Ned
18. A World Of Opportunities
19. It Ends Here
20. The Alliance
21. Alone With God