product of hard living

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The debut full length from this Rochester, NY tech grind powerhouse. Ex members of Lethargy, Agiel, As the World Burns, etc. Flawless songwriting, amazing production, and an all around masterpiece of an album. Check out the mp3's to get an idea of what you are in form, be prepared to be pummeled.

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Kalibas - Product Of Hard Living
Check out tracks on our Bandcamp site.

Track List

1. Smells Like Menopause MP3
2. From The Waste Down
3. All Of Japa
4. Floating In Concrete MP3
5. Last Minute Error
6. Rundown
7. Take The Plunge
8. She Wipes From Back To Front
9. Fishing With Dynamite
10. Semantic Insanity
11. Reroute The Foul