escalation of hostility

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Kill The Client is one of the few bands left playing grindcore who have a firm grasp on what made the genre classic in the first place. Having no fear of breaking land speed records with their eyepopping, cocaine-riddled intensity, Escalation Of Hostility continues where Wage Slave left off in delivering a Brutal Truth on fast-forward musclemash of hard boiled cheetah violence, and explores the band's penchant for dirgey battlehymns. Socially aware, ultra pissed, brutal grindcore.

Kill The Client - Escalation Of Hostility
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Track List

1. Defend
2. Worker Ant Syndrome
3. In God You Thrust
4. Illumination
5. Bloodline MP3
6. Riot Perfume
7. Sedated Youth MP3
8. Liberty Or Death
9. Killing Fields
10. Gridlock
11. Scene Queen
12. Paranoid Patriot
13. Commander In Thief
14. Decorated Dunce
15. Negative One