man made predator

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From the mean ghetto of Belgium come's the razor-grind fury that is Leng T'che! For fans of Nasum, Pig Destroyer, and Rotten Sound.

Leng Tch'e - Man Made Predator
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Track List

1. The Meaning Of Life
2. Public Enema #1
3. Too Stupid To Live
4. 5 Minutes Of Fame
5. You Fat Prick
6. Popularity Contest MP3
7. Time Is Against Me
8. The Happy Retard
9. Sleazebag
10. The Queen Of Egoism MP3
11. God - Mass Hysteria
12. All Hippies Are Dropouts
13. I'm Afraid Of People
14. Life Is An S.T.D.
15. Still From Da Hood
16. Nothing To Be Proud Of
17. Fuck Off Coz I Hate You All
18. Sick Brutal Gore Bastard (Keep It Fucking Sick)
19. Crucial 4 Life