in narcosis

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Maruta (1945): code name for a special project during World War II in which the Imperial Japanese Army used human beings for torturous scientific experiments.
Maruta (2008): 3 dudes from Miami who want to grind your fucking head in. And grind your head in they will with In Narcosis, their debut full-length. Grimy and soiled with a surprising element of groove and head-bopping rhythms, coupled with blasts with such strength and precision you would think Robocop is behind the kit, In Narcosis is a rock solid debut from this promising young trio.



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Maruta - In Narcosis
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Track List

1. Iconoclast
2. Pray For The Nihilanth
3. The Collapse MP3
4. Demise Of The Humanist
5. In Perpetual Narcolepsy
6. The Great Delusion
7. A Sea Of Dead Serpents MP3
8. Dirt Worshipper
9. Replicate
10. The Iron Lung Has Failed Us
11. Man Versus Gravity AKA The Inevitability Of Human Error
12. Idolize Then Destroy
13. Rise Of The Iron Moth
14. Waking Up From The American Dream
15. Serotonin