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Yet another absolutely amazing band from montreal. this release is basically a complete discography of all Neuraxis material. Includes their two full lengths Truth Beyond and the long out of print classic first full length Imagery as well as their mcd A Passage Into Forlorn in a 2 cd set. Also included are bonus tracks and multimedia video footage. Musically, imagine a combination of Suffocation, At The Gates, and Cryptopsy. Seriously one of the best technical metal bands in the world today and this double disc package serves as a testament to their greatness.

Neuraxis - Truth | Imagery | Passage
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Track List

Disc 1
1. ...Of Divinity MP3
2. Impulse
3. Fractionized
4. Xenobiotic
5. Reflections
6. Imagery
7. Momento
8. Structures MP3
9. Mutiny
10. Essence
11. Neurasthenic
12. Truth Beyond Recognition

Disc 2
1. Intro
2. A Temporal Calamity
3. Oscilliated To Intelligence
4. Cyberwar
5. Inquisition On Mortality
6. Lid To Your Soul
7. Reasons Of Being
8. Atmospheric Holocaust
9. Psycho-Waves
10. A Drift...
11. Driftwood
12. The Drop
13. Unite
14. Virtuosity
15. The Art Of Sadness
16. Link
17. Blind The Vision That Shatters
18. To Pacify
19. The Drop
20. Forlorn...