22 random acts of violence

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What can be said about Phobia that has not already been said? After 18 years of touring, partying, and releasing some of the sickest punk infused grind to ever come out of California, they are once again ready to unleash their latest and greatest. 22 Random Acts Of Violence is a grindcore lover’s dream come true. Phobia’s specialty of blending the ferocity of metal with the attitude of punk is in full-force on this new album.




Unbound Zine

Teeth Of The Divine

Grind And Punishment

Lords Of Metal

Metal Review


Invisible Oranges

Phobia - 22 Random Acts Of Violence
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Track List

1. Bring The War
2. Savannah's Assault MP3
3. Continue Insane
4. MBP
5. Sane
6. I Reject
7. Ultimate Suffering
8. Death To Pigs
9. Beer, Bitches And Bulletbelts
10. Rise Up
11. Abuse The Truth
12. Wasted Time
13. Instruments Of Deception
14. Soulless Eyes
15. Anarchist Farce
16. Dead End
17. Protest//Solution MP3
18. Nihilistic Grindcore
19. Eyes Of A Citizen
20. Bleed To The End
21. Depression Is A Killer
22. Blackened Day