symbols of failure reissue

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Without an alignment to a particular style, scene or sound, Psycroptic incorporate many elements of music to capture a sound that is uniquely their own. With three albums of unique and technical metal released and extensive international touring with some of the biggest bands in extreme metal, the Tasmanian quartet are beginning to make their mark on the worldwide metal community. With a previous full length on Unique Leader, Symbols of Failure is Psycroptic's newest release and available in North America for the first time. This North American version contains bonus audio and video tracks.

Psycroptic - Symbols Of Failure Reissue
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Track List

1. Alpha Breed MP3
2. Missionaries Of A Future To Come
3. Merchants Of Deceit
4. Minions: The Fallen
5. Repairing The Dimensional Cluster
6. Epoch Of The Gods MP3
7. Our Evolutionary Architecture
8. An Experiment In Transience
9. Cleansing A Misguided Path
10. Corporal Jigsaw Quandary (Carcass Cover)
11. Alpha Breed (Video Clip)
12. Epoch Of The Gods (Video Clip)