degenerating anthropophagical euphoria

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People can quickly add PUTRIDITY to the list of bands coming out of Italy who are creating some of the fastest, hardest, and crushing brutal death metal in recent years.  The follow up to their 2007 debut, the second overall album from PUTRIDITY is 24 minutes of continuous auditory punishment (or delight as some might see it) sure to please fans of Suffocation, Defeated Sanity, Disgorge, and early Decrepit Birth.


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Putridity - Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria
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Track List

1. Cannibalistic Postclimax Flesh Consumption
2. Sodomize Epileptic Chunks MP3
3. Masturbating The Infibulated
4. Syphilic Menstrual Rejection
5. Wallowing In Aftermaths
6. Euphoric State Of Dementia
7. Innate Butchery Aptitude MP3
8. Draining Necro Anal Disgorgement
9. Living Decomposition