the end of nothing (special edition)

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Far and away one of 2003's best albums. Unfortunately, Rune broke up in 2004 about a year after the end of nothing's initial release. This special edition version of the end of nothing contains a bonus full live set which includes the last 2 songs Rune had written (two brand new unreleased songs). The live set was mastered by scott hull and comes from a show on 4.29.04 in cleveland, oh where rune played the following tracks 1. worship with silence (unreleased, new) 2. opium for my soul 3. by the errors we exceed (unreleased, new) 4. this sorrow. This will go down in history as a classic, an absolute most own. There are few albums as perfect as this.

Rune - The End Of Nothing (Special Edition)
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Track List

1. An Affinity
2. Opium For My Soul MP3
3. Babylon Burning MP3
4. Worthless Endeavor
5. This Sorrow
6. Wilt
7. Leaving Form
8. Ethereal Bleeding
9. Worship And Silence (Live)
10. Opium For My Soul (Live)
11. By The Errors We Exceed (Live)
12. This Sorrow (Live)