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Following their much heralded release of Summary Execution on Necropolis Records in 2001, San Francisco's Vulgar Pigeons have returned delivering one of the best grindcore albums in years with Imperialism. Filled with catchy, blazingly fast and well written songs, Imperialism blends elements of thrash, grindcore, and death metal to yield Vulgar Pigeons' best album to date. Quite simply, this album is everything that is great about grindcore.

Vulgar Pigeons - Imperialism
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Track List

1. Network Of Disinformation
2. The Pollution Of History
3. Whitetrash Compactor MP3
4. Silenced And Imprisoned
5. Idolized Amongst Self Deception
6. Spider Monkey
7. Blot Of Humanity MP3
8. Ghettoblaster
9. Do The Math
10. Depleted Uranium
11. Attack Of The Bullet Belt Committee
12. Refuse To Salute
13. Strangled By Hordes
14. O.R.P.