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7 H.Target - Yantra Creating

7 H.Target is a band that breaks the standard BDM formula, creating something unique, all-out aggression combined with abstract and atmospheric forms. The "Yantra Creating" album is a conceptually new stage in the development of the band, both musically and lyrically, performing a mixture of...

Standard Jewel Case $13.00
Abhorrent - Intransigence

Abhorrent's wealth of riff-variations and athletic rhythmic assault surge constantly forwards, as brief glimpses into parallel dimensions that pass by with a deathlike unstoppable certainty. Abhorrent is like the amoral and violent force of nature, realizing itself through pure will and power both...

CD $13.00
Abysmal Torment - Cultivate The Apostate

From the quiet town of St Julians, Malta comes ABYSMAL TORMENT, a 6-piece tech-death army brimming with speed and brutality. Fans of Deeds Of Flesh, Origin, and Suffocation are in for a real treat with Cultivate The Apostate, 13 songs of masterful brutal tech-death metal!

CD $13.00
Abysmal Torment - The Misanthrope

Abysmal Torment - The Misanthrope The long awaited new full length from these brutal technical death metal masters.

Standard Jewel Case $13.00
Afgrund - Vid Helvetets Grindar

AFGRUND come from the Swedish School Of Grindcore: relentless blasts, beefy guitars, snarling vocals, and plenty of groove.  Influenced heavily by the likes of Nasum and Rotten Sound, AFGRUND is another reason to love grind.

CD $6.00 $5.00
Afgrund - The Age Of Dumb

Coming off the success of their 2009 album Vid Helvetets Grindar, AFGRUND return with their scorching new album The Age Of Dumb.  Afgrund make an explosive mix of d-beat, punk, and grindcore that is on par with genre heavyweights Rotten Sound, Nasum, and Napalm Death. 

CD $13.00 $7.00
Afterbirth - In But Not Of

Afterbirth show they are here to stay with their 2023 release of In But Not Of. Afterbirth have been demonstrating to audiences that there are no boundaries in death metal for 30 years now. The riffs found on In But Not Of are still just as mind bending as their initial releases.

Standard Jewel Case $13.00
Alarum - Natural Causes

Heavily influenced by pioneers Cynic and Atheist, Australia’s ALARUM are one of the very bands in today’s metal scene wrirting jazz-infused, progressive, technical death metal. Their newest album, Natural Causes, is their first new release in seven years and as fans will find out, it is...

CD $13.00
Alkaloid - Numen Digibook

2 CDS in deluxe rigid Digibook (19x19cm) with 36-page booklet. Limited to the first pressing only ! Numen is ALKALOID’s third album and it’s got some of the band’s most intricate, thought-provoking and batshit insane ideas yet. The album is narrated from the god-like perspective of an ancient...

Digibox $17.00
An Abstract Illusion - Woe

Six years after a highly praised full-length debut album (Illuminate The Path), AN ABSTRACT ILLUSION return with their second album Woe. A giant and intricate slab of atmospheric death metal inspired by black metal, progressive rock and electronica, Woe offers up some of AN ABSTRACT ILLUSION's most...

Digipack CD $13.00
Aodon - 11069

released March 27, 2020 11069 was written between 2016 and 2019 All music composed by M-Kha Lyrics by Alix R. Screams by M-Kha Additional screams by Laurent C. Mix and mastering by Vamacara Studio (Clisson, France) Artwork painted by Ludovic Robin

Digipack CD $13.00
Aodon - Portraits

The new opus is a harrowing journey into the depths of human nature. On Portraits, AODON introduces us to nine individuals, one for each track on the album; fictitious or real, guided towards their fall by a different element: misery, ego, addiction, belief, violence, obedience, abuse, destruction...

CD $13.00
Archspire - Bleed The Future

Jewel Case CD Following up their mind-bending 2017 album, ‘Relentless Mutation,’ ARCHSPIRE unleash their new full-length, 'Bleed the Future,' another unforgiving masterpiece that serves up technical death metal at its most extreme and intricate. The G-force levels of velocity and dizzying...

Standard Jewel Case $14.00
Arsis - A Celebration Of Guilt (Slipcase Reissue)

A remastered, deluxe reissue of Arsis' debut full-length, A Celebration Of Guilt.  Packaged in a slipcase with expanded artwork and the two bonus tracks previously only available on the vinyl version of the album.

CD $13.00
Arsis - United In Regret Reissue

After being out-of-print for a few years, Willowtip is proud to reissue Arsis' "United In Regret" in early 2014.  Packaged in a slipcase featuring new artwork by Mark Riddick and featuring three live performance videos.  Recorded at Max Tax Studios (Skinless, Stigmata) in Albany...

CD $6.00 $9.00
Arsis - A Diamond For Disease

Hot on the heels from their critically acclaimed debut, A Celebration of Guilt, the unstoppable Arsis continue to fry minds and melt frets with their brand new 3-song EP, A Diamond For Disease. Featuring the 13-minute title track originally composed as a score for NYC's Ballet Deviare , A...

CD $13.00
Arsis - A Diamond For Disease Reissue

After being out-of-print for years, Willowtip is extremely happy to finally reissue Arsis' "A Diamond For Disease" EP. Originally released in 2005, the 13-minute title track was originally composed as a score for NYC's Ballet Deviare. A Diamond For Disease is an ultimate magnum opus of epic...

As Eden Burns - The Great Celestial Delusion

Listening to As Eden Burns makes you feel as if Marty McFly took you back to the mid 90’s and had you listening to some of the greatest melodic death metal ever put to tape. Taking cues from forefathers At The Gates, Carcass, and Dissection, As Eden Burns play their brand of melodic metal...

CD $6.00 $5.00
Ascended Dead  - Evenfall Of The Apocalypse

Ascended Dead return like abyss winds surging skyward from the ninth circle of Hell. New album ‘Evenfall of the Apocalypse’ heralds the dawn of the final march to extermination via barely-controlled Death Metal chaos and form-destroying necromancy. Ascended Dead play Death Metal the ancient way...

Standard Jewel Case $14.00
Avulsed - Ritual Zombie

When you pop in this Avulsed CD, you know exactly what you are going to get! Death, Gore, Mutilation, Sex, and Perversion from Madrid's finest!

CD $11.00
Baring Teeth - Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins

Immersive, hypnotic, and haunting, the album melds seemingly opposing characteristics -- streamlined songwriting and dizzying technicality, ambience and brute force, density and angularity, order and chaos -- into a fully realized, cohesive listening experience. Ghost Chorus Among Old...

Digipack CD $13.00
Baring Teeth - Atrophy

On their debut album, Baring Teeth offer a dizzying, angular, off-the-wall take on extreme metal, highlighting the creativity and open-mindedness that is often overlooked in the genre. The organized chaos that is the Baring Teeth sound is a shining example of the forward-thinking approach to...

Digipack CD $6.00 $5.00
Bask - Iii

Latest album from Bask.

Digipack CD $12.00
Behemoth - Ezkaton

Behemoth - pure, unadulterated, blasphemous, blackened death metal. They are true in musical form and philosophy. Their brand of black metal has been paving a path of domination since the band's inception in 1991. Their unmatched work ethic and relentless will to bring their music to as many metal...

Digipack CD $14.00
Benighted - Obscene Repressed

BENIGHTED detonate 'Obscene Repressed', their latest (s)platter of high-velocity death metal destruction. Long one of Europe's finest death metal exports, they deliver a razor-sharp synthesis of modern extremity with a ferocity that cannot be understated. Vocalist / founder Julien Truchan's rabid,...

Standard Jewel Case $14.00
Benighted  - Asylum Cave

BENIGHTED unleash their most brutal and technical release with “Asylum Cave”, telling the haunting story of a delusional schizophrenic, obsessed by infamous Austrian abductor Josef Fritzl. Be prepared for this massive onslaught of madness and insanity!

Standard Jewel Case $13.00
Benighted  - Carnivore Sublime

CD jewel case with a 20-page booklet. This special edition of Benighted’s 2014 'Carnivore Sublime' album shows a blistering display of modern extreme metal and is a synthesis of everything great about modern death metal. The new version of this death metal classic comes with the bonus live CD...

Standard Jewel Case $14.00
Beyond Creation - Algorythm Digibox

Beyond Creation - Algorythm.

Digibox - Deluxe Digibox with Alternative Cover Includes 2 I $20.00
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Nadir

Nadir captures BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRACE completely in its natural element, defying genre categorization and ignoring all current musical trends. The end result is the bands most ambitious, atmospheric and realized effort yet. Cold, climactic and expansive, Nadir is a consuming experience of...

CD $13.00
Blasphemer - Ritual Theopagy

The unholy trinity known as Blasphemer makes their long awaited return with their latest bestial offering titled ‘Ritual Theophagy’. After six years of silence, this Italian death metal behemoth has been awakened and lashes out with inhuman technical brutality. This is Blasphemer’s most evil and...

CD $11.00
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