de principal evangelikum

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French Antaeus are possibly the most aggressive, grinding & enraged band I know these days. This statement may seem rather superficial for those not acquainted with the bands' sound or attitude, but wait until you dig into their turbulent methods of spreading pestilence and unconditional death; In fact, I am in a position to declare this is the way of delivering violent musik, these are the ways of traditional & ugly Black Metal, to recapture ancient feelings and cast them deep into the empty spheres of vagueness. Antaeus not only produce fast Black Metal acts of mayhem and cacophony through their albums (such was the case of their debut "Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan"), but can also represent (or even incarnate) all this primary fury in their live sets; Note: they are now touring with Deicide What definitely deserves to be mentioned here, is that Antaeus does not simply consist of blast beats, sick vocalisation and fast riffs. No, not at all, their credit is the lunatic manner of giving away dementia and yet keeping the effective musik going without falling into musikal abysses. I could firmly say that front-man & vocalist MkM and his road-kill crew have just made history with "De Principii Evangelikum". This is an album with legs and foot to climb to the highest levels of Black Metal worship, just take track 4, "Wormz On Dan VI" as an example; fast dynamic riffs lead this track back & forth, good old trembling technique and an ambience which truly twists and turns your ears. Their ferocious power is mesmerising and the sudden bursts (or gasps) embody the listener fully in a state of dizziness. If you're a Black Metal freak then "De Principii Evangelikum" is the state-of-the-art of audio violence. This record is a flame burning of rage & Antaeus have just arise from the dirty ground to spit blood and curse the heavens like no-one has ever done before. Enough said, ride the tide or be squashed like a worm!
Abyss Magazine @ Nuno M.

Antaeus - De Principal Evangelikum