hate campaign

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One of the heaviest and rawest of classic death metal bands, DISMEMBER are still at it. Although there is a distinct melodic undertone to their sound today that was totally absent in the early days, they still manage to be stalwarts of the classic death metal sound. They are violent, blazing fast, raw and even (dare I drop a cliche?) brutal. Yep, brutal. Once upon a time that would have been a given in death metal but given the state of the scene today it is actually a noteworthy achievement. To be honest, I have to admit that in the early 90s I was not really sold on the simplistic, bass driven sound of DISMEMBER and found most of their releases to be good but not stellar. Well either my tastes have changed or the slight shift in the DISMEMBER sound has made all the difference because "Hate Campaign" blows my mind. Music like this is why I got into death metal in the first place and when it is done this well it is timeless with as much appeal today as ten years ago.

Dismember - Hate Campaign