Based in the bowels of Indianapolis, Harakiri has been corrupting the Indiana metal scene since 1997. The name of the game is brutal, intelligent, death metal. Brutal live shows and powerful,recordings have earned Harakiri a reputation as a major force in the Indy metal scene. Harakiri's three demos show the transition from their early metal/hardcore beginnings to their current death metal realm. Available is the debut cd release, "Reverence For Madness", which contains 8 songs of violent death metal insanity, the 6 song mini-cd released on Cyberdine 243, "Virtuous Symptoms" and the new full-length, "Twilight of the Idols" released on Willowtip. The Harakiri sound comes from a wide array of influences including all varieties of death, grind, black metal, hardcore, and malt liquor.

Skin peeling vocal screams, bowel loosening bass, crushing downtuned guitars, and blasting drums make up the instrumentation. The sound has been described as fast as fuck death metal that is sometimes technical, sometimes slightly melodic, but always heavy as fuck. Harakiri will shove the knife right into your fucking gut!

Harakiri is:
Chris - Guitar
Nathan - Bass
Matt - Vocals
Ben - Guitar
Bob - Drums